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“Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn. ”

-Orson Welles

Our Story

Tired of schlepping booth displays and traipsing around the country showing our wares at shows for 25 years, Founder / owner & textile designer, Peggy Russell decided to share a 'small Pop up gallery with 4 other designer / artist friends in the summer of 2010.


We landed in the historic west end of Gloucester, as an alternative to studios in Boston and surround. What began as a 'temporary retreat from the heat' that summer was wildly successful and it was clear that a creative resource to find high caliber design and art with a sense of humor was much needed on Main st, thus began the ever- evolving Party which Pop Gallery has become!

Full time and fully operated since 2011.

Our Philosophy

In a word : FUN.
But also: Well crafted, artistic, designed with style, functional following fun, locally curated when possible but reaching out globally, pushing the envelope, snarky funny and irreverent, subtly elegant, non mainstream, well priced for everyone's budget and comfortably gorgeous.

We carry men's and women's clothing, jewelry and gifts, cards, art and handmade goods.


The adjectives are many but our objective is solitary to create an easy and relaxing and amusing environment to shop and browse in our wonderful seaside spot here in Gloucester!

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